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Autotrust Enhanced Coverage Plan

  • 24 Months/ 24,000 Miles
  • 36 Months/ 36,000 Miles
  • 48 Months/ 48,000 Miles


• 4WD/AWD • Turbo •Commercial • Hybrid
• European • Seals & Gaskets up to 150,000 miles

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Enhanced Plan Covered Components $100 Deductible

ENGINE: All Internally lubricated parts including but not limited to: balance shaft bearing, balance shaft bushing, balance shaft, cam followers, distributor drive gear, oil pump housing, rocker bushings, valve locks, valve retainers, valve seals, valve seats, cylinder barrels, eccentric shaft, camshaft and bearings, lifters, rocker arms, rocker shaft, timing gears, timing chain, pistons, piston rings and pins, connecting rods and bearings, crankshaft and main bearings, oil pump, pump gears and pickup screen, intake and exhaust valves, intake and exhaust valve springs/guides, push rods, valve springs. Dip stick tube, harmonic balancer, exhaust manifolds, and engine torque strut, engine mounts, intake manifold, and timing belt (timing belt must be serviced according to Manufacturer’s recommended specifications). The engine block, cylinder head(s), valve cover(s), timing cover and oil pan are covered only if damaged by the above internally lubricated parts.

TRANSMISSION & TRANSFER CASE: All internally lubricated parts of the manual or automatic transmission and transfer case (if 4WD/AWD surcharge is applied) including but not limited to: bushings, main shaft washers, oil pump, output shaft, drive chain gears, drive chain, shift bushing, torque converter, drum, planetaries, sun gear, shell, shafts, bearings, shift rails, bell housing, vacuum modulator, forks, synchronizers. Flywheel/flexplate, shift linkage, vacuum modulator, transmission cooler and transmission mounts. Any damage resulting from failures by related parts or units such as, but not limited to: cables, controls, coolers, drive axles/bearings and electronic components, levers, linkages, manual shift clutch components, radiator, rubber mounts, sensors and solenoids, shifter, viscous couplings, internal or external, to the engine and transmission are not covered. Transmission case is not covered.

BASIC DRIVE SYSTEM: All internally lubricated parts of the differential (front and rear) to include but not limited to: bearings, bushings, oil pump, ring and pinion and washers. Universal joints, locking hubs and rings.

BASIC COOLING: Water pump, thermostat.

BASIC AIR CONDITIONING: Compressor, compressor clutch, clutch bearing, (accumulator, receiver drier, and orifice tube are covered in conjunction with a COVERED REPAIR), does not include evacuation or recharge.

BASIC ELECTRICAL: Alternator, starter motor, voltage regulator, horns, neutral safety switch, reverse indicator switch, turn signal switch, distributor, cruise control transducer.

BASIC FUEL SYSTEM: Electric fuel pump, fuel delivery pump, fuel injection pump, metal fuel delivery lines.

Ineligible Vehicles

Acura NSX; Alfa Romeo; Aston Martin; Audi R, RS, S-series; Bentley; BMW 8, M-series, Z8; Cadillac Catera, HT 4100, XLR; Chevrolet Corvette GS Z06, Z06, ZR1, SSR; Chrysler Prowler, SRT; Daewoo; Diahatsu; Delorean; Dodge Sprinter, Stealth, Viper; Ferrari; Fisker; Ford Cobra, GT, Saleen, SVT; GMC Typhoon; Hummer H1; Jaguar XJ, XK; Jeep SRT; Jensen; Lamborghini; Lancia; Land Rover; Lincoln Blackwood; Lotus; Maserati; Mercedes AMG, CL, G/GL, S/SL; Merkur MG; Mitsubishi 3000 GT, Lancer Evo; Nissan 300zx; Peugeot; Porsche; Renault; Range Rover; Rolls Royce; Saleen; Spyker; Sterling; Subaru WRX STI; Triumph; Volkswagen Phaeton, Touareg; any vehicle equipped with a 12 cylinder engine or larger; any vehicles equipped with the following engines: Cadillac 4100, Chrysler (pre 2007) and Audi 2.7, W8. Also, any exotic car, electric vehicles, grey market cars, livery vehicles, mileage unknown, any modified vehicle, any vehicle equipped with dual rear axles, any vehicle exceeding one ton, any vehicle with oversized tires (unless lift kit/oversized tire option is selected), undersized tires, any vehicle with a salvage/rebuilt/junk title, any manufacturer buyback, taxis, buses, city and state owned vehicles, or any vehicle used for commercial purposes (unless applicable option is applied).

All vehicles are subject to a 45 day and 1.000 mile waiting period prior to any claim. Aggregate liability shall in nowise exceed $5000 or NADA Retail value whichever is less.

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